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India is the youngest startup nation with 72% founders less than 32 years and in third position globally with the number of startups crossing 4,200-Nasscom reported. Satyajeet found there is a huge market in this segment so he found Bizy Dale Nets a one stop solution for startups offering all services that startups need and helping them to improve their profits.ST had a small session with the founder over mail and he replied the questions smartly.

What is Bizy Dale Nets?

Bizy Dale Nets (registered as Bizy Dale Networking Services PVT Ltd.) is a business value focused IT product and Services Company located in Bangalore, India. It is a one stop solution center for start-ups offering all services that a start-up needs and help them improve their profits and grow.

Our mission is to build solutions for complex business processes and become the pioneer in technology.

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