BizyDale Nets: One Stop Solution Centre

Bizydale Nets, registered as Bizydale Networking Services Private Limited is one of the ingenious technology start up in Bangalore, India with a mission to become one stop solution centre for business. Founded by Bangalore based start up specialist Satyajeet Pradhan, this organization approach with a unique line “We Build! You Win!” and build solutions for all industries by identifying their operational challenges. It’s a business value focused solution building start up with highly effective SaaS products like Bizydale..the elevator to business success which is a productivity enhancer application with applications to optimize daily operational work like analytics, task management, work force management etc. Bizydale Nets is working hard currently on developing a Sales PIS (Performance Improvement System) for automotive which would be mobile app based SaaS solution to maximize dealer sales efficiency. Bizydale Nets has recently stepped into B2C segment by releasing trip n howl, an intuitive travel networking site where people can share their trip experiences, connect with trip lovers and plan trips. Bizydale Nets are also into revolutionary technologies like Virtual reality, Augmented reality which is an evolution in marketing solutions for automotive, real estate, hotels, retail outlets etc.


The Technology

The biggest USP of Bizydale Nets is that it is one stop solution centre for all industries who have challenges in operations and spend out a huge on different agencies for different challenges resulting in low profitability. It is a boon for startups who are with only ideas looking for guidance and technology to execute. Bizydale Nets comes up as a sole partner for them and offer them services right from creating a business plan to team leasing. The above USP makes this company stand unique as it makes businesses connect solely with them for all their challenges at a reasonable cost, thus improve client’s financial gain.

bizy dale 2

Bizydale Nets have highly skilled solution architects and technology team and build web and mobile based solutions in latest technologies like Python, Dot net, PHP, Ruby on rails etc. This start up is also into 3d and Virtual reality apps development. Bizydale Nets is soon into artificial intelligence to take their technology portfolio to next level.

The Idea

Idea to start a solution centre for businesses, especially for start-ups struck on a fine weekend when Founder Satyajeet Pradhan was relaxing in his living room couch and was planning to overcome the challenges which he was already facing at his work, started a year ago. He discussed this with his wife Vrushali Gourkhede, a sales expert and then approached his most trusted team member Biswarup Chakraborty, a product analyst in his company to join. The trio then started understanding the daily operation gaps at their work place and decided to build “Bizydale” a productivity enhancer application with highly efficient applications like reporting tool, workforce management, task management etc.

About The Founder

Bizydale grabbed numerous eyes and had 100 registrations in a week’s time. Soon after the release, Satyajeet realized that only one application will not help an industry become profitable as different businesses have different requirements. Hence, to make a solution centre, he decided to approach businesses personally, identify their gaps and build solutions as per their needs, thus started Bizydale Nets with photoa tag line “We Build! You Win!” “Problems are in your mind, solutions are in your heart”, this is what Bizydale Nets founder Satyajeet Pradhan always believed in right from his childhood days where he build a music system and speaker when his parents refused to buy him a music system as they thought his studies would be affected. He also created a metal detector for his school science exhibition which received acclamation from his teachers. Satyajeet, a MBA is a start-up specialist and a business consultant. He has been awarded with Hall of Fame from Hinduja Global solutions and creation of resplendent milestones from airtel for his remarkable performance at job. He is a money maker who is always in a hunt of more conversion. When his ex-company put their shutters down and he went jobless with just Rs 56.50 in his account, he didn’t lose hope and decided to invest this money in tea while pitching clients for 5 days. He struck a deal of website designing at 10,000 on 4th day of the pitch. He is a trend setter who always like to set trends rather follow existing ones. He challenged the existing start up mentality which believes funding is the ultimate success measurement, which is actual not. If you have a strong determination, ability to find alternatives, skills to convert and a well supportive team, success will be yours! He believes that problems would never exist if we think only of solutions.

The Future

Bizydale Nets comes with a unique pitch of building different SaaS solutions for different industries rather than just selling one standard SaaS solution to all.

Bizydale Nets have an extensive future plan of selling SaaS solutions to all industry majors and startups and also become one stop solution centre. Bizydale Nets are looking to take their technology to next level by adding Artificial Intelligence to their technology bucket.

Satyajeet believes that, “Success is what you believe that you can do it! If you dream it, you do it!”